So this past month was absolutely crazy. I got a new space, had to completely renovate the new space to my needs, then moved the old shop, then went to the NAHBS show, and now I’m trying to catch up with the current list of orders. Thanks again for everyone that helped out with the renovation and shop move!
Also, congrats to Zach K on his sweet finish in the Winter Splinter comp, nice job man!
I also want to say thanks to Nick M for including geekhouse in the Bold Sprints! Every time I race, I feel like I’m going to puke for about a half an hour after!
In other news this month I’m introducing the geekhouse custom program. This means I’m offering a few new models of frames: including road, cyclocross, 29er, and more… all in custom sizing with a few custom options. Details to follow under the product section. This is good news to those who thought I would only build pursuit style frames…;)
Other than that I finished up Dan St.G’s bike and put a few pics on flickr.

That’s it for now,

thanks guys! -Marty