I just uploaded about 70 new pics on flickr, wow October was a lot of fun and I got a bunch of bikes out the door. Dale from the UK got his frame and sent some pics. I got a new one out the door to Chris Y. Then of course we had the Obamabike. Also, I got some frames cranked out to Paul K who’s opening a new shop called Long Beach Fixed Gear (Long Beach, CA), as of this week he will have 3qty 56cm Rockcity frames in stock! Also, we got a plaid frame done for Henry in the UK.

I also got some great local press this month with a story on the front page on the Allston/Brighton Tab, the article also had some great pics.

Also a special thanks to Tiago from BU for taking a few sweet shots of me at the shop. I really love this one of me doing a rear wheel check with a sublimated deep-V.

As for some fun stuff myself and a few friends road out to ANT/Mike Flannigan’s open house. I think I got 2nd or 3rd place in the track stand contest! And as always thanks to Mike for some delicious Indian food.

Also, a few guys on Boston Fixed dragged me out of my cave (shop) to a fun Friday night, and then an awesome Sunday ride out to Castle Island in South Boston. This was probably the most fun day of the year for me, so thanks to everyone for that!

Then of course there were the Halloween race and rides. This was the third year I did the Toothrot race, which is always a blast. We had a few guys on some Geekhouse Rockcity’s. The afterparty was at the Otherside Cafe which is one of my favorite spots!

The next night was the last SCUL ride of the year, check out Skunk’s ship! And of course I had to dress up to match my ship, check out me as Frankendork!

Then finally last night was Bold Sprints, I listed a couple video’s on flickr. We also had a few Geekhouse Rockcity frames there as well.

Oh and last but not least…Kittens! Andrea and I adopted a couple kittens this month.

That’s it for now.