Well it’s officially December! This year has really flown by! A lot of great things have been happening this past month at the shop. One of the main things is that I got a loan from the city of Boston! This is finally enabling me to officially hire at least one part-time worker to help with fabrication.

This past weekend was the Poker race put on by Open Bicycle. This was kind of a cross between a normal alley cat and a pub-crawl. There were five stops including my shop, each stop got a card and best hand won. We were lucky enough to get about seven cases of PBR and 100 burritos from Chipotle’s at my shop, which was stop #5. Also, I made a nice little trophy for first place. There were probably about 80 people racing and well over 100 at the after party. Also check out these sweet tee shirts Open is putting out, order yours now!

During the after party for the Poker race, my friend Nao from 3rrr came up with a special surprise. Nao made 3 Geekhouse 3D Christmas ornaments for me. He said he hand carved these from clay, then molded them and made the finals out of plastic. He then painted and added a foe patina finish. So I just want to say thanks to him for making these, I think they are freaking amazing!

Also this month I finally was able to build up the Basket Bike. This was actually the first bicycle frame I’ve ever welded and it’s just been sitting at the shop as just a frame since then. Finally a couple weeks ago, I ordered the parts, and got it all ready to go. Again this is just another example of a custom frame courtesy of Geekhaus.

Along similar lines to the basket bike, we just built a custom ladies touring bike for Andrea P. This bike has front basket, fenders, chain guard, and internal 3-speed hub. Also, I’m really happy with her color choices in this bike! Andrea choose a pearlescent white powdered frame with a teal fork. I’m hoping to build some more bikes like this in the coming year. I should have pics of the complete soon.

We’re also in the process of doing a new sublimation frame for Clive in Australia. I’ve posted a bunch of pics of the build on flickr.

We also have about six frames at the powder coater right now, so stay tuned for some pics on flickr in the next week or so.

Also, while looking for bigger shop space Josh from Open Bicycle and I found a spot on craigslist that used to be the old Merlin factory in the late 80’s. It’s a little big for me know, but I’m hoping to expand the shop in the near future.

Our newest dealer Long Beach Fixed Gear (LBFG) had its opening party this past month. Check out some pics here. And if anyone is looking for a 56cm Rockcity frames, these guys have three in stock right now, so hit them up!

Other that that we got some more local press in the Boston Globe, which is always cool.

Finally in addition to my Facebook Group, I just created a Facebook Page. Wow, we’re all over the interwebs now, haha!

I’m going to try to update my blog with events and news more in the coming months, so check there for more frequent updates. I’ll still be doing the monthly news here, but more as a re-cap.

Well that’s it for now, happy holidays everyone!