Happy New Year! Things have been crazy at the shop as usual. Thanks to the city of Boston, we’re using some of that loan money to buy some new tools. This means that I can finally set up the powder coat oven and spray booth. So this past month I had to build two new rooms inside out shop, one for the powder spray booth and oven, and one for the air compressor and sand blaster. Powder coating has been one of the most difficult things to get perfect and I’ve been working with outside vendors for the past few years each one requiring a lot of quality control. Now I finally have the ability to do this in house and that is truly huge; I can’t wait to get going on this!  So the whole shop is going through some renovations as we get all of that done and a few more necessary tools are on the way as well. It’s a ton of work, but by the spring we’ll really be able to crank out some beautiful bikes made 100% in house.

Also, next month is the NAHBS show which I’m officially attending, and I’m trying to get 3 bikes and a tradeshow booth built for that. At first I was going to have all three frames sublimated. Then I was going to have them all done here at my shop. But time is running out for everything and the shop is still in the process of getting dialed, so I decided to have all these bikes just done in some beautiful solid colors at Spectrum Powderworks. My show bikes aren’t going to be over the top ridiculous like some of the bikes I’ve built in the past. But I’m really happy with what I’ve got planned and I’m looking forward to the show.

So if I’m a little behind on emails and blog updates over the next month its because I’m busy getting the shop back up and running and getting all the bikes ready for NAHBS. But by next month I’ll have all that stuff done, and it’ll all be worth it.

Thanks guys!