Wow, so I’m doing multiple posts on the blog today, but I have a lot to cover from the past month. Check out the new Geekhouse drops which were just unveiled at NAHBS. These drops are totally unique to geekhouse and feature an integrated chain tensioner system. The drops will be available for most geekhouse models in the next few months. Full blog is here.

Other than that I’m back from NAHBS and trying to catch up on a million emails, a bunch of office work and touching base with a bunch of people I met at the show. Check out all the details from the show here. All in all the show was a huge success for geekhouse and I’m glad to have done it. But now I have to get back to getting that waiting list down and some beautiful bikes out the door.

And speaking of bikes out the door…The two of the show bikes from NAHBS are now up for sale on Ebay. You have your choice of the Uber Rockcity Fixed or the Uber Rockcity Free. I have the reserve set lower than I want to sell these bikes for, but I have a lot of projects coming up and I need those guys out the door. Also, while I’m at it I put on a bike that was briefly my daily ride, the final price on this bike will be a total deal for someone!

Other than that I have the 2009 Dealer price list all set so any retailers who are interested in carrying geekhouse please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email. Thanks again guys!