Check out the new website! We’ve been cranking bikes out the door lately, but I finally managed to get the new website up and running. A big thanks to Dan StG for all his help with that. Also a big thanks to Justin Keena for his help with all the studio shots of some of our bikes.

Also check out the new ‘About‘ page for our new Geekhouse build video. A few weeks ago I got to spend the day with my buddy Steve from Quarter Productions. Steve did a really amazing job on the video, which my girlfriend has dubbed ‘machine porn’. We premered this last week at the Open grand opening and I think it did pretty well. Also, thanks to the guys at ‘This Car Up‘ for letting me use their song in this video.

New Models! We have a bunch of new models on our products page now. I just finished Lenny’s new road bikes last week and I’m really excited about the new models that we have going on.

Also, our yearly Open House is coming up on May 16th from 4pm-9pm. We’re going to have free beer, veggie burgers, and pizza and all our invited. We’re probably going do some Bold Sprints at some point in the evening after a few drinks! So everybody come on out and see the shop.