Ok, so I’m a little late putting up May news… sorry about that, it’s been really busy around here! Also, I apologize if I’ve been a little slow on emails lately, but this is the busiest time of year for us so be patient, I respond to every email I get…

Also, just a quick reminder that our annual Open House will be happening on May 16th at 4pm. We were lucky enought to get a bunch of cases of Naragansett beer! As well as a select amount of Pretty Things, which I will be mostly hording to myself because that stuff is amazing! Now, I’m just hoping the weather will hold out so we can BBQ in our front lawn! Also I think I’ll be making something for the winner of the Ghetto Drome races. The only problem is you’ll have to beat me…;)

Also I think we’ll be getting a special delivery from our new Upper Crust Pizza bike at the Open House as well. I’m building the frame and the guys at Open Bicycle are getting all the parts together. And we’re really scrambling to get this thing done by the weekend, so cross your fingers.

In other news our Geekhouse Movie which is basically me building a bike, has about 16,000 views on Vimeo. Thanks again for everyone’s great feedback about the vid as well!

Another formal announcement I’d like to make is the creation of the Geekhouse Factory Cyclocross racing team. We’re going to be selecting a handful of riders all from the Northeast to be on our great new team this fall. I’ll have more info about this in the coming weeks including sponsors, team members, and other fun facts.

So, I think that’s it for now guys. Thanks and stay tuned for more news!