Hey guys, so we’ve had quite a bit of stuff going on this past month. We’ve officially hired a full time sales/marketing/fix anything around the shop guy, the one and only Joe Boudreau. Since Joe has been here we’ve managed to fix two machines and get the powder coat end of the shop up and running. We’re calling our powder coat services ‘Sugar Coat’ and I’m really excited about some of the projects we’ll be working on shortly.

Also now residing at the shop is our web and imaging guru Dan St.Germain. Dan has been doing freelance graphic art for a while now, but decided the shop would be more fun than his home office, and this way I can get free web updates all the time, haha!

Also this past month was full of events. I just also did a giant photo upload on our flickr page. I think we put up about 17 pages or 300 pictures today alone!

First on there we have the Blue Zebra public darkroom opening in Allston. My lovely girlfriend Andrea and my sister Katty have been spending a lot of time getting that place up and running. Check out their blog here, and email them about getting some Black and White darkroom time!

Also in the same week we had the annual Geekhouse open house. This year was really awesome, I didn’t stress out too much and we had about 200 people showed up over the course of the day and we drank about 600 beers! Many thanks to Naragansett and Pretty Things breweries for donating most of that wonderful beer!

After that we went to a bunch of memorial day bbq’s and I think I gained about 10 pounds in the last two weeks because of all the food, haha! I also put up some pics up of my sweet badmitten antics.

But in addition to all this fun, we’ve still been cranking bikes out the door. We have about 5 frames at Circle A Cycles right now getting some really sweet paint jobs. There’s Brandon C’s ‘Fast Chance’, we have a sick ‘Rockcity’ triple triangle curved seat tube bike going out to Hong Kong Fixed, a ‘Woodville’  for Andrea K , Henry in the UK got what I can only call a ‘Mudcity’ which is a cross between our fixed gear and cyclocross bikes, also we have Steve J’s ‘Mudville’, and Joel K’s ‘Woodville’. We got Adam D’s bike out the door, and this week I’m building up Joe A’s MTB, and Adrian M’s sick sublimation ‘Rockcity. Oh, and last but not least we finished the Upper Crust Pizza bike! Thanks to the guys at Open for the build on this bike and for specing the sick red tires and mag wheel, haha! Wow, that’s a lot of bikes for us!

Anyway, another great month at Geekhouse. I’m looking forward to the Summer and all the cool bikes in the works!

Thanks guys!