Well we just finished another great month at Geekhouse bikes! Also July 11th was my 30th Bday, so I’m officially old…;) Thanks to everyone who came out to the party too. Some other big news this month is that the mustache is gone! But don’t worry I’ll be bringing it back this fall with a vengeance!

We also just got some prototype fork dropouts, and now we have a matching set on the front and rear’s. I’m not currently selling these to other builders, but I am thinking about it in the future.

Also we’re now starting to offer powder coat services under the name Sugarcoat. We’ll be redoing a bunch of old bike frames and any other metal pieces coming up. Here are some color options: 1, 2, 3. And just email with your project for a quote.

I’m also pretty busy planning a Cyclocross team for the fall. It’s going to be a regional New England team with only about 6-10 riders. I’ve hand selected a few people at the moment. But we’re also accepting applications for a few open spots on the team. There’s not a lot of time to get the planning going for this, so if anyone’s interested hit me up soon. As far as sponsorship I currenty have some plans with SRAM, SDG Components, and Thomson Components. We’re also trying to solidify sponsors so if anyone is interested in that, please shoot me an email at .

Also for the past few years we’ve been wanting to go to the New York Bicycle Film Festival, but we’ve always been too busy to make it. This year Joe convinced me that we had to go to NYC and spend an extra day to try to go around a hit up a few shops as well. We headed down on a Friday and hit up Chari & Co, Trackstar, King Cog, NYC Velo and a few others. We also got a nice tour of the Brooklyn Machine Works. After that we exhibited at the BFF street fair and met a bunch of cool people! I really loved NYC and I can’t wait to spend some more time there soon!

Also since we moved into our current shop I’ve been sharing space with two other builders Bryan Hollingsworth from Royal H Cycles, and Ian Sutton from Icarus Cycles. These guys have recently decided to quit their day jobs and move into a larger space. We’ve had a lot of fun times this past year and a half, and I want to wish both of those guys the best of luck with their new space!

As far as bikes, I finally finished Andrea’s complete. As well as Joe A’s complete XC MTB, and of course who could forget Adrian’s Sublimated complete build. We also got the HK Fixed bike back from paint, and Henry from the UK’s bike shipped out.  And Steve J’s bike is also back from paint. I was also able to build up myself a new ride. We also have a whole rack of frames in the works too.

Anyway that’s enough news for now, all these pics can be seen on our flickr. Also stayed tuned for some new projects in the works. Thanks!