Ok I’m freshly back from Interbike! Wow, I feel like every month has been getting busier than the last. And this past month, I definitely had way too much on my plate. If we haven’t been snappy with the emails this past month I apologize, but we should be turning them out much faster coming up.

Also, for more up to the minute news please check us out on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. As I update those pretty regularly.

First off I want to make a post about stolen Geekhouses. Brantley got his bike stolen about a month ago from NYC. Also I’m still missing my bike from about a year and a half ago in Boston. Keep an eye out for these and contact us with any info.

I noticed a couple funny pics this month. One from Core 77 on the bottom right there a pic of a geekhouse. The other from the Boston Globe in which a photo of the Mayor Menino holding a geekhouse was photo-shopped into this architectural concept.

We’ve also been doing a bunch of powder coating on some older frames. The new Sugarcoat website is up with more info and pricing!

Also we finally got new Headbadges. These are water jet cut stainless steel. Designed by Dan StG and engineered by Aarn.

The CX team has pretty much been consuming my life this past month! But we did get our new CX team tent! Then finished the 11 CX team bikes, and then pretty much build 90% of them into complete bikes at the shop. Luckily I had a lot of help from the team, and Tom E from Superb. We got all the clothing in and parts in on time as well. With all that done we did our first race at ‘Suckabrook’. We also got one of our first podiums from Jeff B, congrats dood! I’m really happy how everything turned out and I’m also pumped that our team kits really stand out among the crowd! Thanks to Boston Rock Gym for use of the Sprinter van, our pit area was totally pro, haha!

Finally we were at Interbike all last week. We partnered with SDG components who is a CX team sponsor. We got a pretty sweet spot in the booth for most of the week. And I got to reconnect with a bunch of old friends and talk to a lot of new ones as well. Also Interbike was the official launch of the Rockcity Saddles a Geekhouse and SDG collab. These seats will retail for around $59 bucks and be available in the next couple of months.

Cool, well that’s it for now guys. Thanks and talk with you soon!