*UPDATE: Anybody interested in Geekhouse CX Team clothing please email Marty@geekhousebikes.com , we’re placing another order by 11/07/09. We have everything from short sleeve jersey’s, to skin suits, to jackets. Hit me up ASAP!!!

Another month in the history books at old ye geekhouse bikes. We definitely got a bunch of bikes out the door this past month and are moving through the list at a good pace now. Thanks to all those who have been patiently waiting, your beautiful new geekhouse is getting closer every day.

Emails, I love emails but sadly I cannot answer them all quickly. So I’ve hired Gregory Bamford Ralich who will be responding to a lot of inquires coming up. Greg is our newest member of the team and with his help I’ll be spending much more time fabricating, which is what I should be doing 90% of the time anyway.

Cross season is going great! We had a great presence at both the Gloucester Grand Prix and the Providence races. Also this past weekend was the Down East which I guess got a little muddy. We’ve posted a ton of pics on flickr of our CX team and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going!

Geekhouse was invited to Wentworth this past month to talk about what we do here. The architecture department there has a project on designing a Boston based bicycle manufacturing space and wanted to ask us some questions. We did a slide show and had a bunch of fun talking to the students, also we got a few laughs when I showed some pics of my kittens…Awww wubs!

Also, also a couple of weeks ago we visited both the ANT as well as the Icarus/Royal H open houses. We decided to ride 25 miles out to ANT. Where Greg and I dominated the field and won both the tricycle and track stand competitions. We then road 25 miles right back to Somerville to the Icarus/Royal H open house at the Fringe. And proceeded to get a little tipsy…;)

Also this past week we had Andy & Sandi came for a visit from Florida. They planned a trip to come up to Boston visit the Geekhouse shop and get fitted for a couple of ‘Woodville’ frames. They couldn’t have picked a better week, and we got to hang out at a bunch of events. Thanks for hanging out guys, we had a great time!

I’ve been talking with Zach from the band STS9 for a while about setting him and Hunter up with some ‘Rockcity’ frames. I’d never really heard of these guys before, but they came into town this past week and got us back stage passes to their sold-out show out the House of Blues. Joe and Greg even got to do some sick track stands. The show was nuts!!! I’m so psyched that we got to experience it. Also Joe gave Zach a pretty sick tour du Boston during the day, so I think a good times were had by all!

Also we went to the Superb opening party this past Friday. The party started out awesome and the place was packed! I got to be the judge and vote for some pretty amazing bikes (geekhouses, hehe…). But I guess because of one bad apple (Not Joe) the party got shut down by the Boston PD. We then moved the after-party to my old digs, HQ represent!!!

Finally bikes, bikes, bikes. We have a rack full of frames in progress right now. We finished Max M’s bike, got Bill B’s bike out the door. We also had a visit from Nolan who got to hang out at the shop and partake in some pizza and beer action before picking up his brand new ‘Rockcity’. Also I finally finished Vince’s sick ‘Fast Chance’ which is decked out with Sram Red and some King hubs on DT rims, and the tube set was Columbus Life. Also last but not least I finished Helen’s deluxe ‘Woodville’ complete. These bikes still take me soooooo long to assemble, but I’m pumped to have delivered the bike to Helen and Jonathan and I thank them for their patience.

Alright, now back to work. More news coming soon!