Okay, so I’m a little behind on posting the news. But its been crazy around here! The news is really long this month, but there’s just so much fun stuff going on, haha! Also, check us out on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter for more current goings on…

Boston Bikes/Mass-Bike Boards-This past Monday I met with Nicole Freedman head of Boston bikes. We had an actual meeting at Boston City Hall with some other Boston cycling businesses. We’re hoping to create a new board that works directly with Mayor Menino’s office. Step one, get Menino on a Geekhouse, haha! In addition to this I’m applying to be a board member of Mass-Bike, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one…

Warwick CX-We just finished out the Verge CX series and only have one race left this season. Jeff B was out this week due to the flu, but was still there to support the team. Joshua Robot actually broke his wrist racing, but is still in good spirits. Our 4’s are doing awesome, and having a ton of fun! And David Wilcox is killing it, getting 13th in Pro this past weekend!

Fringe Movies-Steve from Quarter Productions made it out to do some filming of the CX team a couple of weeks ago. We then had a nice little movie night at the Fringe this past week. I love what they’re doing over there. Stayed tuned for some more quality flicks coming out of Geekhouse soon!

Wentworth Finals-I met with the Wentworth Architecture department last week for some of the students final projects. The idea was to create a 10,000 sqft manufacturing space in Boston for Geekhouse. I love some of the detail they incorporated into the models! This was a really great experience, I’m totally blown away with what the students came up with and I’m very thankful that they included me as part of this project. Now all I need is a couple million to start construction. If anyone wants to hook that up please shoot me an email…;)

Shop Re-org-We added a bunch of new tools and organization to the shop this past month. We’re also getting is a bunch of recycled metal shelving this next week. Also pretty soon we’re going to have a nice little lounge and fitting area!

Skype Tours-Greggles had the great idea of meeting with people over Skype and doing mini shop tours and even fittings. We just did the first one with Gavin B from the UK, and we’re hoping to do more of these in the future. It’s a great way to connect with people who can’t stop by our shop in person…

Wiki/Yelp-Well we had a wiki for about an hour before it got deleted by this guy. We’re hoping to have one fairly soon though so stay tuned. We also created a Yelp and are in the process of getting some reviews up there. If you own a geekhouse feel free to give us 5 stars…

Thanksgiving-Wow, I actually got a day off! My Mom made some great Tofurkey and it was awesome to just sit around and drink Beer-mosa’s all day…;)

Boston Young Ent- I got invited to the Boston Young Entrepreneurs club to talk about financing a business this past month. I felt a little like the black sheep on the board, but I was pretty real with how difficult it is to start a business. It’s not all fun and games when it comes to money! Anyway, it was great being part of that and I hope to work with those guys more in the future.

CX Party/Clothing-We had a great fund-raising party for our CX team this past month at Middlesex bar in Cambridge. The night went better than expected, there were easily 200 people there, and one robot. We raised a bunch of cash for the team and raffled off some great prizes from our sponsors. Thanks to everyone for all the help with that event!

Spooky CX-The CX team had a ton of fun at the Spooky CX race in Easthampton this past month. My favorite part though was David Wilcox taking a beer hand-off and still finishing 7th in Pro!

Frame pick-up’s-We had Jake H and Tim S both pick up their bikes this past month. Both guys, were psyched about their new rides! And also we have a new rule, every in-house pick-up also gets a 6-pack of PBR! It’s great to be hooked up with those guys!

Dutch Bike-We’ve also been working with Dutch bikes in Somerville on some special projects, keep posted for more info with those guys coming out soon!

Canton CX/Halloween-Have I really not posted since Halloween, wow that’s lame! Anyway, our team decided to add some flare to the race. Here’s DSG as a Storm trooper, Joshua Robot as a Zombie, and of course Andrew Muro is a Pink Flamingo!

Greg & Biancha-Last but not least, we’re working with Greg and Bianca on outfitting them with a couple of Woodville frames which they’ll be riding from Boston to San Fransisco next summer. They’ll be raising funds for a local charity and I’ll have more news on that in the coming months. Greg’s bike will also be featured at NAHBS in Feb.

Thanks guys, stay tuned for more Geekhouse news!