We hope you and yours had a great Christmas, NYE, and most importantly that you have seen Avatar.  Seriously.  We have been using the Holiday dead time to play catch up and we made a lot of progress.  In our pre-planning for 2010 we knew that we had to light a fire under the butt of our wordpress so here’s what you can expect to see from us in the year of the Tiger!

Web Store: Coming soon!

We are way behind on “soft goods” -the few times we have had shirts printed they pretty much flew out of our hands faster than we could actually collect money in exchange for them.  The good news is that the ball is rolling for some new stuff and we currently have some extra relics from our smash CX season.  We have tees, hats, and socks which will be the first thing to appear in the store and if you can’t wait and need to order something now just shoot us an e-mail.

T-Shirts $20, CX Hats $20, Socks $10-$15


Other Newsworthy News!

I know what you’re thinking, “I follow Geekhouse on twitter, I’m addicted to their flickr, and I comment on every single one of Marty’s fb Status Updates; how can I get an even more personal and in depth look into the life of my favorite Lower Allston frame builders?”  Enter: wordpress. We hope to be sharing much more than our bare bones monthly news.  We want to share our progress on the NAHBS bikes for Richmond in February, new developments of our powder coat service Sugar Coat, and all of the exciting things that constantly go down here all the time.

We want you to chime in too!  What color should we powder coat frankendork for the 2010 tall bike season?  Which Boston-area framebuilder has the best facial hair?  We’ll be asking for your input and we really hope you want to be a part of the discussion.

We hope you’ll venture back to our humble blog  I’ll be here sitting in front of the computer if you need anything.  I assume Marty is somewhere playing with his new iPhone- he’s so excited it’s like a geek using their first iPhone- oh wait..

<3Gregory Bamford Ralich