While we may not be slurping down any high octane beverages to power ourselves (less Redbull) the food we consume does greatly affect our riding and our environmental impact.

The Geekhouse staff features 3 omnivores and 3 vegetarians.  We would like to give a big thank you to those who provide the fuel it takes for us to build your bikes!

Dr. Praeger and his Californian Style Veggie Burgers.

Stanley Mason– the inventor the Granola Bar.

Johnny Appleseed.

Deborah and her locally made Fig Ginger spread ( THANKS GAV!)

Trader Joe.

Our friends at the Whole Foods River St. pizza bar.

Earl Grey

Grasshopper and their indelible Holiday schedules.

The Geekhouse New Year’s Resolution was to “quit Dunkins” I have a feeling that I won’t last that long.   We did get a neat Keurig coffee and hot chocolate maker.  I knew I had to quit when I went in to our local Dunks (like a bear to honey) and on my way back to the shop I got door’d spilling my hot chocolate everywhere.  The guy wouldn’t even buy me a new one- putz! I feel like it was god telling me to cool it on throw-away spending and I am listening.

<3Gregory Bamford Ralich