“You should do a post about how sandblasting sucks” -Martin Walsh

Our powder coat extension Sugar Coat was a monumental step for us in 2009.  Infinite color choices, a painting process that is kind on our lungs and the environment, and the ability to have a beautiful finished product without having to coordinate shipping and the hassle that always ensues.  Bringing powder coats in house was like a dream come true.

The downside of the powder coat process is its whore of a cousin- sandblasting.
We do this in a tiny room hunched over a hulking machine next to a very loud air compressor.

We use a sand and plastic blend to pull paint off of steel, aluminum, even to powder our doorknobs.
Even if you get in a good kick and you’re comfortable (as comfy as you can get) AND you’re really pulling that paint off well, the air compressor will let out startling HAARRRUMPPHHH!! that could shake even Dan St. Germain to his core.  At 1.8 gagillion decibels right in your face, it’s the worst noise ever, and it’s gone off twice since I started writing this.

But, the final product of the process is an absolutely beautiful brilliant unadulterated  bike.  A frame that hasn’t seen a single ding, bang, u-lock.  Not even a fingerprint.  Even though the process and prep work definitely sucks, when you grab a warm frame from the oven..
it’s totally worth it.

❤ Gregory Bamford Ralich