We take pictures of bikes all day. Usually frame maybe a fork here and there; it’s not a stretch to say that a predominant part of our lives revolve around staring at and cataloging the skeleton of your dream bike. What happens when bikes leave our humble Lower Allston factory and test their legs (read: chainstays) in the real world?


Some bikes we don’t even see or hear from for months leaving us feeling like empty nested parents starved for attention and Yelp! reviews.


Whatever path you and your Geekhouse go down we are thrilled for you. You can be whatever you want to be and blah blah blah.. but would it kill you to call once in a while? Do you have any idea how much we worry? You act like it doesn’t even matter but when it comes down to it you’re riding our blood, sweat, and tears and you have a responsibility.


In light of all this jazz (and because I’ll take any excuse possible to use work time to search for pictures of Zac Efron) we’re launching a new page on our blog called Members Only. This will include pictures of, for, and exclusively by you the owners of these fine frames we’ve been purveying for half a decade.

SO! Here’s your chance to shine. Here’s your opportunity for a clean slate- like when your parents said “We don’t even care if you’re drunk- you can always call us for a safe ride home” Just drop us a line- include some of those uber-classy minimum 800×600 or 600×800 photos and you’ll officially be out of time out.