You will now find BSNYC’s link happily next to Señor Prolly on our blogroll. Mar Mar told me to do this via text Yesterday. He’s in BKYLN, which can only mean that he and Msr. Snob are working on some sort of collabo. so painstakingly ironically inside-out hip that it will cause Urban Outfitterses around the world to implode.

I’m happy to report that now when you Google “Antgate” the BSNYC post ranks 10th! That’s only 10 behind this story of a New Hampshirian ripping the head off of a giant Ant sculpture. If you have any details regarding the stolen Blue Ant Bike please contact Mike or us on any of our 13,000 social media networks or at Also, wear your helmet and play nice and we will be here plugging away starting this weekend so bring donuts.