In putting our proverbial noses to the metaphorical grindstone we’re really plugging away on bikes these days. Whoda thought right?

We’ve had a lot of talks lately about the difference between spending time working on “office stuff” and time spent on “fabrication stuff”.

Here’s a brief explanation of what we’re actually talking about:

Finish Work

Finish Work falls under fab. mode- anything paint or sandblasting or headbadge or decal related requires a level of precision and attention whereas we really just can’t facebook while doing it.. yet.


Anything to do with Dunks falls under office mode- as in, “I should be working on that thing in the office but I’m going to go get a donut”

Nick R's Rockcity Complete

Bicycle assembly is fab. mode- “dialing” everything in, putting together wheels, just making sure everything looks/rides/feels right. This is what it’s all about- the final product.


Reading other builder’s blogs is office mode- spending all day reading our friend’s blogs? Call it “market research”


When we find a balance of these two realms that’s when we get that wind at our back feeling that is also conducive to good moods and high fives. When office mode and fab mode overlap it’s easy to get distracted and lazy- this is also known as “flab” mode.

It’s a delicate process, finding that balance, but we just try and hold true to those themes that make our business: #1 Nothing but the best for our customers. #2 No compromises on someone’s dream bike

..and #3 Never too busy for a good YouTube.