How do I know when to write a post about a specific build? When Google tells me to ..duh. We get a Google Alert e-mail every time one of our builds gets featured on say Prolly or FlwRider for example. Well, Google just told me that Jon B’s attempt at amalgamating every single add-on that Geekhouse has to offer has been dominating the bike-blogosphere, which means it’s time for a post!

So we poked around the webbernetz to see what other “super” stuff John’s bike was competing against for most super thing online.

Super Street Fighter 4 looks pretty cool..

Some indirect links to Kristin Cavallari- she’s got some MTV show and she got in trouble for looking for drugs at the Super Bowl

BUT.. when we happened upon jpop sensation “Super Junior” we knew had another a contender worthy of the title. With over 3,000,000 views these young songsters are giving Jon and his bike a run (ride?) for their money. Their 20-some-odd mellifluous andpre-pubescent voices genuinely are, super. Don’t just take my word for it..

While it might feel like comparing apples to Japanese teen idols. I think, personally, that Jon’s bike takes the cake. The funny thing though.. Marty has taken quite a liking to Super Junior and I think he may prefer them over Jon’s bike!

“Sorry-Sorry” Jon but until you until you can get something from Stebs up on youtube you’re only the second most Super thing on the net in Marty’s mind —Just Kidding buddy!

Click the picture up top of Jon’s bike to read his post on the Open Bicycle blog about how much he loooooves his Geekhouse!