Meet Shpilkes!

The freshest addition to the Geekhouse team! Literally fresh, he was only born six-weeks ago! I’m trying to formulate a sentence that doesn’t end with a exclamation point, but I just don’t think I can!

Shpilkes will be helping out with some office work, light fabrication, and playing with yarn. His official title is Director of “Awwwwwww!!” In true fashion we will also be replacing all brillo pads an sub 400g. sand paper with the pulverizing power of Shpilkes’s tongue.

We’re so happy to have somebody new on the team. Surprisingly enough Marty and Shpilkes have the exact same attention span…. and LOOK! his eye does the same thing as Marty’s!

Shpilkes currently rides an old Hetchins frame- but will be upgrading to a Wormtown 29er shortly. Our apologies to the customers in line, Shpilkes is the first person (being?) that we have ever allowed to jump ahead in the queue. It took much deliberation and several saucers of milk to allow him such priority but ultimately we decided to do this because he is just so fucking cute!

Welcome Shpilkes, now get to work!