We just finished snakeboarding back from the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC.

..and even though we got wrapped up in a tet-a-tet with an all-girl bike gang, had to be treated for Brooklyn Lager and Red Bull mixing complications, and didn’t take a single picture the whole time!!!

The best/worst part was when ONE OF OUR BIKES WAS STOLEN the first night!

…but let’s start from the beginning.

Driving down, we were agog for all that New York had to offer us. We rolled up the first night to a Geekhouse CX bike in the window at NYC Velo, we quickly delivered two more, AND we just finished a super secret project which we’ll touch upon later.. Briefly, we felt like more baller than balleralert.com.

After a great night of rubbing lugs with Prolly,  Armando, & the Open clique we returned to the original locale of bike lockage. The bike, gone, in it’s place a dangling piece of scaffolding. Apparently people are getting that fed up with waiting in the queue..

So it seemed, we weren’t in Boston anymore.

The plot thickened when, just this morn, people started forwarding us links to this CL ad:

Who is hornswoggling us and why? Was it one of the bartenders who has just had it with our drunken and mustachioed ways? Is this retaliation from The Deadly Nightshades for our 4AM high -pitched scream-style fighting and accompanying antics? Or was it a slightly sun-burnt Thomas from Horse Cycles jealous of our pop-up tent…

Perhaps it’s could even be someone who found out that we just sold a bike to the movie Premium Rush… Maybe they spotted Marty chatting up Joseph Gordan-Levitt (the same way a 13 year old girl would have in 2002) at the street fair and it was simply the straw that broke the seat tube cluster. Someone so peeved at the selling out of bike culture, like that “fucking asshole” BikeSnob and his oh so witty book. It seems as if it’s it might have even been someone who just couldn’t bear to see bicycle culture jump the shark.

Whomever stole the bike and whomever is playing with our (delicate) hearts on CL it’s not funny- maybe a frustrated customer, maybe an elaborate scheme with a stake-out plan going back months, or maybe just a peeved Red Bull rep who was fed up with our 15 case a week habit (read: Addiction)…

When we sat down and looked at all the pieces of the whole debacle we realized it could only be the work of one individual, BEN SCHUMIN! just kidding.. It was probably just some drunk dude who saw that we were stupid enough to lock a bike to scaffolding in a city where 1 out of every 3 Geekhouses on the road is stolen.

Whatever the case it really can all be summed up in one short.. youtube.

The way we see it-

Sometimes you’re the chimp and sometimes you’re the frog. In this case- NYC was the sex-starved chimp and we got dipped. Thanks for a great time BFF we’ll make sure to show you what’s up when you come to Boston in the Fall! We roll with way cooler chimps