Greetings all you geeks and geekettes! Welcome to another fun installment of Marty tries to write the news! This months episode includes a special guest appearance from our newest employee Bradley Smith, and fond farewells  to wayward travelers Greggles and Bianca (See you in the fall, I miss your faces!).

You might have noticed that we skipped June news, this was partially due to Iphone 4 malfunctions and partially because we like to keep everyone on their toes, never knowing what we’re going to do next. If your asking yourself how can I be in touch with Geekhouse 24-7? Check us out on FB for Marty’s constant incoherent ramblings. Anyway, so much has happened the last couple months! And we’ve been trying to put our heads down in fabrication mode as much as possible and ignore the fact that we missed Lady Gaga’s visit to Bukowski’s in Inman Sq.

First off I know it’s only July, but we’re already working steady on plans for our florescent clad warriors of the Autumn months, aka the Geekhouse CX Team (clown suits). First off WE’RE LOOKING FOR TITLE SPONSORS. So if your a business owner who’s been asking yourself: What can I possibly do with this giant wad of cash just sitting in my wallet? Your tax write-off is right here, in all of its neon glory!!! Our squad is going to be bigger and better this year, many new riders, new kits (DSG really outdid himself), and many new bikes… But the most important news is that I’M GOING TO BE RACING! that’s right I’m all patched up from recent surgery and will be training a lot soon, and will hopefully be able to squeeze by fat belly into some pink spandex! Watch out catagory 4’s, Marty’s on the prowl!!!

In other news we had a great time at the NYC Bike Film Fest (BFF), where 1 in 3 Geekhouse’s on the street are stolen… See blog for full story. We finished up a great little vid about Greg & Bianca’s trip. And we were able to give them a nice send off with a small group of friends. We also welcomed a new member to the new member to the Geekhouse family: Shpilkes! I have to admit I’m really excited about this little kitten. After bringing him to the vet last week, I was asked “Sooo, your a real cat guy, huh? You like cats, more than dogs? That’s uh, that’s that’s something.”

Oh also, we made some bikes too. While I didn’t manage to get pics of all the bikes we sent out the door (send me those pics people). We were able to get some great shots of Dan P’s RAWkcity, a couple shots of a 2 frames we have for sale at NYC Velo. A bike that we made for a special project in a “Premium Rush”, Tim S visited from SF to build up his frame complete. And last but not least we finish Gavin H’s Rockcity, and bike that features a one-off Geekhouse Bar/Stem combo, ISP and Braze on cursive script logo. And even though, I flipped-out Mel Gibson style when I almost screwed up the powder, I’m particularly happy with how this bike came out! I think it’s one of my favorite bikes we’ve made yet.

Cool, that’s it for now! Til next time we’ll be glued to Versus for the rest of Tour De France, and Head-butting our way to the front of our Queue. Thanks guys!