I've Missed You My Sweet

Hey there.. it’s been a while I know.  I bounced out of Geekhouse on July 1st to give my first long haul tour a shot.  Happy to say I’m back at work and right in the mix again.  Great to be home in time for pumpkin donut season.

I wanna give a big Thanks to everyone who supported Bianca and Myself leading up to, while riding, and now that we’re back.  We had a hell of a trip and have got stories to boot.  From our grand exit of Boston, to the Beagle farm in KY, to our first vision of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Also we successfully raised $5,226 for the Autism Society.

We, at Geekhouse, are poking around options for a big blog update in the not so distant future (hence the lack of posts) so stay tuned here for more details on this.  While WordPress has been great to us- we’ve still got a few bugs left to work out and the lack of option for comments on our trusty theme KILLS us.

Look forward to more regular posts here and be sure to stay up with the GHCX crew over on Flickr.