I’ve been using the blicksbagsKingsbury backpack on and off for a few weeks now and I really like this bag. It’s got this great extremely sturdy construction and compliant shape. The square/rectangular/geometric shape of the bag give it a very comfortable feel on the back and makes for great ease of use and comfort when taken off. It wasn’t a tough transition to go from my workhorse Ortlieb to try this because it nails that rigid but comfy shape.

The storage compartment of the bag can be augmented by releasing the two sturdy zippers on either side of the largest pocket. This adds considerably to the net capacity of the bag but also keeps it manageable and attractive when not in use; much like that Mission Workshop bag- this is a fantastic feature. Hidden on the extend-able sides and inside of the largest compartment is a neon green lining that I simply can’t say No to.

This is the big one for me:

I like LOVE the copious padding on the bottom of the bag. Have you ever dropped your bag off your back, knowing that your laptop was in there, and experienced the subsequent panic “OMG WHAT DID I JUST DO!?!” when you realize that you may have just slammed a corner of your MacBook onto the ground/bench/whatever? Say goodbye to these moments of terror with the extreme buffer on the bottom of the Kingsbury.

Everything else is a mix of classic bike bag “must-haves” like a spot for a U-Lock, key ring loops, and a top notch waterproof lining.

It’s a super bag with some great color and detail choices and I’m officially a fan. Huge thanks to Madeline for sending this guy over and the best of luck to her and Blick’s for a happy future of cyclist-friendly wearable receptacles.

Check out the Blicks Bags website for more. Thanks Madeline!