The words “obligatory NAHBS recap” have been posted so many times the bandwidth and energy used recapping the #bestNAHBSever could power a small town in China for the better part of a decade. We’ve got a lot to cover but we’re also in the final stages of debuting a new website/blog so I’m going to save the gems for that and in the meantime direct you towards some of the other fantastic coverage of the weekend, care of our friends across the web.

Here goes:

Prolly Is Not Probably:
Recent Roll: Marty and His Geekhouse Woodville
Beautiful Bicycle: My Geekhouse Woodville Details
2011 NAHBS Recon: Geekhouse Bikes
What A Way To End The Day
NAHBS a category (because John’s tag coverage was just too thorough)
And of course… The Flickr heard ’round the world: John Prolly on Flickr

Urban Velo:
All of Urban Velo’s NAHBS coverage over the years.
Brad Q’s Geekhouse Polo-Bike Review

Bicycling Magazine:
Interview with Ben Serotta, Richard Sachs, Gary Smith, Andy Hampsten and our own Gregory Ralich!

COG Magazine’s photography was, as always, on point all weekend long!
Day 1 (keep your eyes peeled for tons of #partymarty shots),
Day 2
(you’ve got a great one there of Greggles and customer #1 Andy of Andy & Sandi fame).

Cycle EXIF:
Geekhouse Woodville


“Simple ‘n sweet” interview with Bradford of Geekhouse Bikes

Bike Snob:

“hipster” cycling had reached its apotheosis

Bike Rumor:

Geekhouse Bikes’ Trick Bicycle Builds for Prolly, Urban Velo, Others

Trend Hunter:

Geekhouse Woodville, booze holding bikes

Geekhouse Bikes NAHBS Flickr Set:

And there’s a ton more! If you haven’t seen any shots from this weekend either on our 2011 NAHBS Flickr Set or somewhere else then I am sorry you lead such an unfulfilled life. Next post from us will be on the all new site! See you there.