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I've Missed You My Sweet

Hey there.. it’s been a while I know.  I bounced out of Geekhouse on July 1st to give my first long haul tour a shot.  Happy to say I’m back at work and right in the mix again.  Great to be home in time for pumpkin donut season.

I wanna give a big Thanks to everyone who supported Bianca and Myself leading up to, while riding, and now that we’re back.  We had a hell of a trip and have got stories to boot.  From our grand exit of Boston, to the Beagle farm in KY, to our first vision of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Also we successfully raised $5,226 for the Autism Society.

We, at Geekhouse, are poking around options for a big blog update in the not so distant future (hence the lack of posts) so stay tuned here for more details on this.  While WordPress has been great to us- we’ve still got a few bugs left to work out and the lack of option for comments on our trusty theme KILLS us.

Look forward to more regular posts here and be sure to stay up with the GHCX crew over on Flickr.


Meet Shpilkes!

The freshest addition to the Geekhouse team! Literally fresh, he was only born six-weeks ago! I’m trying to formulate a sentence that doesn’t end with a exclamation point, but I just don’t think I can!

Shpilkes will be helping out with some office work, light fabrication, and playing with yarn. His official title is Director of “Awwwwwww!!” In true fashion we will also be replacing all brillo pads an sub 400g. sand paper with the pulverizing power of Shpilkes’s tongue.

We’re so happy to have somebody new on the team. Surprisingly enough Marty and Shpilkes have the exact same attention span…. and LOOK! his eye does the same thing as Marty’s!

Shpilkes currently rides an old Hetchins frame- but will be upgrading to a Wormtown 29er shortly. Our apologies to the customers in line, Shpilkes is the first person (being?) that we have ever allowed to jump ahead in the queue. It took much deliberation and several saucers of milk to allow him such priority but ultimately we decided to do this because he is just so fucking cute!

Welcome Shpilkes, now get to work!

Looking forward to Monday the 24th at the Middlesex. Support Greater Boston NEMBA, come get down, see you there!

Should be a great time! E-Mail with any questions or if you want to give us stuff to raffle off!

How do I know when to write a post about a specific build? When Google tells me to ..duh. We get a Google Alert e-mail every time one of our builds gets featured on say Prolly or FlwRider for example. Well, Google just told me that Jon B’s attempt at amalgamating every single add-on that Geekhouse has to offer has been dominating the bike-blogosphere, which means it’s time for a post!

So we poked around the webbernetz to see what other “super” stuff John’s bike was competing against for most super thing online.

Super Street Fighter 4 looks pretty cool..

Some indirect links to Kristin Cavallari- she’s got some MTV show and she got in trouble for looking for drugs at the Super Bowl

BUT.. when we happened upon jpop sensation “Super Junior” we knew had another a contender worthy of the title. With over 3,000,000 views these young songsters are giving Jon and his bike a run (ride?) for their money. Their 20-some-odd mellifluous andpre-pubescent voices genuinely are, super. Don’t just take my word for it..

While it might feel like comparing apples to Japanese teen idols. I think, personally, that Jon’s bike takes the cake. The funny thing though.. Marty has taken quite a liking to Super Junior and I think he may prefer them over Jon’s bike!

“Sorry-Sorry” Jon but until you until you can get something from Stebs up on youtube you’re only the second most Super thing on the net in Marty’s mind —Just Kidding buddy!

Click the picture up top of Jon’s bike to read his post on the Open Bicycle blog about how much he loooooves his Geekhouse!


Just a matter of time until we transition entirely to the BikeCAD iPad app… Welcome to the year 3000.

In putting our proverbial noses to the metaphorical grindstone we’re really plugging away on bikes these days. Whoda thought right?

We’ve had a lot of talks lately about the difference between spending time working on “office stuff” and time spent on “fabrication stuff”.

Here’s a brief explanation of what we’re actually talking about:

Finish Work

Finish Work falls under fab. mode- anything paint or sandblasting or headbadge or decal related requires a level of precision and attention whereas we really just can’t facebook while doing it.. yet.


Anything to do with Dunks falls under office mode- as in, “I should be working on that thing in the office but I’m going to go get a donut”

Nick R's Rockcity Complete

Bicycle assembly is fab. mode- “dialing” everything in, putting together wheels, just making sure everything looks/rides/feels right. This is what it’s all about- the final product.


Reading other builder’s blogs is office mode- spending all day reading our friend’s blogs? Call it “market research”


When we find a balance of these two realms that’s when we get that wind at our back feeling that is also conducive to good moods and high fives. When office mode and fab mode overlap it’s easy to get distracted and lazy- this is also known as “flab” mode.

It’s a delicate process, finding that balance, but we just try and hold true to those themes that make our business: #1 Nothing but the best for our customers. #2 No compromises on someone’s dream bike

..and #3 Never too busy for a good YouTube.


Cat People

How did people ever convey how much hair they combed off their cat before Skype?

You will now find BSNYC’s link happily next to Señor Prolly on our blogroll. Mar Mar told me to do this via text Yesterday. He’s in BKYLN, which can only mean that he and Msr. Snob are working on some sort of collabo. so painstakingly ironically inside-out hip that it will cause Urban Outfitterses around the world to implode.

I’m happy to report that now when you Google “Antgate” the BSNYC post ranks 10th! That’s only 10 behind this story of a New Hampshirian ripping the head off of a giant Ant sculpture. If you have any details regarding the stolen Blue Ant Bike please contact Mike or us on any of our 13,000 social media networks or at Also, wear your helmet and play nice and we will be here plugging away starting this weekend so bring donuts.


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