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We’ve been plugging away on NAHBS stuff including the gussying up of our profile page on the new NAHBS website. This is where we’ve been uploading the first batch of shots from Heather Mcgrath. I threw up Melvin’s Wormtown last week (below) and just now posted up Brad’s Rockcity (also below). In the coming weeks I’ve got studio shots of Lewis’ Rockcity and Chachi’s and then some new ones are coming down the pipeline as soon as we finish them up and bring ’em over to the studio.

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Greetings all you geeks and geekettes! Welcome to another fun installment of Marty tries to write the news! This months episode includes a special guest appearance from our newest employee Bradley Smith, and fond farewells  to wayward travelers Greggles and Bianca (See you in the fall, I miss your faces!).

You might have noticed that we skipped June news, this was partially due to Iphone 4 malfunctions and partially because we like to keep everyone on their toes, never knowing what we’re going to do next. If your asking yourself how can I be in touch with Geekhouse 24-7? Check us out on FB for Marty’s constant incoherent ramblings. Anyway, so much has happened the last couple months! And we’ve been trying to put our heads down in fabrication mode as much as possible and ignore the fact that we missed Lady Gaga’s visit to Bukowski’s in Inman Sq.

First off I know it’s only July, but we’re already working steady on plans for our florescent clad warriors of the Autumn months, aka the Geekhouse CX Team (clown suits). First off WE’RE LOOKING FOR TITLE SPONSORS. So if your a business owner who’s been asking yourself: What can I possibly do with this giant wad of cash just sitting in my wallet? Your tax write-off is right here, in all of its neon glory!!! Our squad is going to be bigger and better this year, many new riders, new kits (DSG really outdid himself), and many new bikes… But the most important news is that I’M GOING TO BE RACING! that’s right I’m all patched up from recent surgery and will be training a lot soon, and will hopefully be able to squeeze by fat belly into some pink spandex! Watch out catagory 4’s, Marty’s on the prowl!!!

In other news we had a great time at the NYC Bike Film Fest (BFF), where 1 in 3 Geekhouse’s on the street are stolen… See blog for full story. We finished up a great little vid about Greg & Bianca’s trip. And we were able to give them a nice send off with a small group of friends. We also welcomed a new member to the new member to the Geekhouse family: Shpilkes! I have to admit I’m really excited about this little kitten. After bringing him to the vet last week, I was asked “Sooo, your a real cat guy, huh? You like cats, more than dogs? That’s uh, that’s that’s something.”

Oh also, we made some bikes too. While I didn’t manage to get pics of all the bikes we sent out the door (send me those pics people). We were able to get some great shots of Dan P’s RAWkcity, a couple shots of a 2 frames we have for sale at NYC Velo. A bike that we made for a special project in a “Premium Rush”, Tim S visited from SF to build up his frame complete. And last but not least we finish Gavin H’s Rockcity, and bike that features a one-off Geekhouse Bar/Stem combo, ISP and Braze on cursive script logo. And even though, I flipped-out Mel Gibson style when I almost screwed up the powder, I’m particularly happy with how this bike came out! I think it’s one of my favorite bikes we’ve made yet.

Cool, that’s it for now! Til next time we’ll be glued to Versus for the rest of Tour De France, and Head-butting our way to the front of our Queue. Thanks guys!


We just finished snakeboarding back from the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC.

..and even though we got wrapped up in a tet-a-tet with an all-girl bike gang, had to be treated for Brooklyn Lager and Red Bull mixing complications, and didn’t take a single picture the whole time!!!

The best/worst part was when ONE OF OUR BIKES WAS STOLEN the first night!

…but let’s start from the beginning.

Driving down, we were agog for all that New York had to offer us. We rolled up the first night to a Geekhouse CX bike in the window at NYC Velo, we quickly delivered two more, AND we just finished a super secret project which we’ll touch upon later.. Briefly, we felt like more baller than

After a great night of rubbing lugs with Prolly,  Armando, & the Open clique we returned to the original locale of bike lockage. The bike, gone, in it’s place a dangling piece of scaffolding. Apparently people are getting that fed up with waiting in the queue..

So it seemed, we weren’t in Boston anymore.

The plot thickened when, just this morn, people started forwarding us links to this CL ad:

Who is hornswoggling us and why? Was it one of the bartenders who has just had it with our drunken and mustachioed ways? Is this retaliation from The Deadly Nightshades for our 4AM high -pitched scream-style fighting and accompanying antics? Or was it a slightly sun-burnt Thomas from Horse Cycles jealous of our pop-up tent…

Perhaps it’s could even be someone who found out that we just sold a bike to the movie Premium Rush… Maybe they spotted Marty chatting up Joseph Gordan-Levitt (the same way a 13 year old girl would have in 2002) at the street fair and it was simply the straw that broke the seat tube cluster. Someone so peeved at the selling out of bike culture, like that “fucking asshole” BikeSnob and his oh so witty book. It seems as if it’s it might have even been someone who just couldn’t bear to see bicycle culture jump the shark.

Whomever stole the bike and whomever is playing with our (delicate) hearts on CL it’s not funny- maybe a frustrated customer, maybe an elaborate scheme with a stake-out plan going back months, or maybe just a peeved Red Bull rep who was fed up with our 15 case a week habit (read: Addiction)…

When we sat down and looked at all the pieces of the whole debacle we realized it could only be the work of one individual, BEN SCHUMIN! just kidding.. It was probably just some drunk dude who saw that we were stupid enough to lock a bike to scaffolding in a city where 1 out of every 3 Geekhouses on the road is stolen.

Whatever the case it really can all be summed up in one short.. youtube.

The way we see it-

Sometimes you’re the chimp and sometimes you’re the frog. In this case- NYC was the sex-starved chimp and we got dipped. Thanks for a great time BFF we’ll make sure to show you what’s up when you come to Boston in the Fall! We roll with way cooler chimps

We’ll be in New Yawk for the Bicycle Film Festival between 4 hours from now and Sunday. See you at the Open thang tonight, the street par-tay manana, and rolling three geek deep all over the city so nice they named it thrice. ALLSTON OUT!

Thanks for all the support, sharing, views, and donations so far. Learn more and follow Greg and Bianca at

Donate here!

Oh.. and don’t forget to check out Paper Fortress (formerly Quarter Productions) who makes all these great videos for us. He’s the best, his work is untouchable, he’s a visionary and the future of film. Every new piece of work from him is an absolute gem- if you want to learn more about our time working with him don’t hesitate and we’ll sing praises about it all day. PF are our favorite movies, Stebs is our only videographer.. and we wouldn’t want it any other (color) way.

Meet Shpilkes!

The freshest addition to the Geekhouse team! Literally fresh, he was only born six-weeks ago! I’m trying to formulate a sentence that doesn’t end with a exclamation point, but I just don’t think I can!

Shpilkes will be helping out with some office work, light fabrication, and playing with yarn. His official title is Director of “Awwwwwww!!” In true fashion we will also be replacing all brillo pads an sub 400g. sand paper with the pulverizing power of Shpilkes’s tongue.

We’re so happy to have somebody new on the team. Surprisingly enough Marty and Shpilkes have the exact same attention span…. and LOOK! his eye does the same thing as Marty’s!

Shpilkes currently rides an old Hetchins frame- but will be upgrading to a Wormtown 29er shortly. Our apologies to the customers in line, Shpilkes is the first person (being?) that we have ever allowed to jump ahead in the queue. It took much deliberation and several saucers of milk to allow him such priority but ultimately we decided to do this because he is just so fucking cute!

Welcome Shpilkes, now get to work!

We’re really looking forward to our Open House and all the great events scheduled for Bay State Bike Week.

Here’s a sample of BSBW events.

Boston Bikes Week

May 17-21, 2010


Kickoff the cycling season with hundreds of new friends. Join Mayor Menino for the official Boston Bike Week kickoff May 17, 2010, ride with a convoy and enjoy a free breakfast courtesy of Boloco at the Bike Week Festival. Come and hear from cycling greats at the “Cities for Cycling – Best Practices” conference, Thursday, May 20th at Boston University’s Jacob Sleeper Auditorium

Boston Bike Fridays

June 25, July 30, Aug 27

Hub On Wheels Sign up now!

September 26, 2010

Join us for Boston’s only citywide bike ride and festival. You’ll enjoy a car-free Storrow Drive, harbor views and hidden pathways, river greenways and Boston’s wonderful and eclectic neighborhoods. Sign up now.
* 10, 30, or 50 miles
* Free festival with food, music, and fun
* 6,000 riders expected

We really wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the fantastic support from the advocacy and state groups putting these great events on. Celebrate the best month for bikes in the Bay State. Ride safe, have fun, love it.

Cleanliness is next to godliness; and godliness is a lot better than I’ve been treating my bike lately.  Keeping a clean bike during a Boston winter is a lot like keeping a Tomagochi alive.  It’s not too hard as long as you’ve got time to kill- but man oh man, if you fall behind you’re gonna hear it.  In this light I decided to document the old fashioned “Scrub Down” I gave my baby and no I’m not talking about when my and my bike watch 8 episodes of Scrubs back to back.  Though, yes, that post is forthcoming.

After a nice New Year cleanse it’s almost like, “Oh yeah!  I forgot I had a nice bike!”  Now if I could only get all the mustache hairs out of the keyboards here.  Oh, and if you are into the dirty stuff than just you wait until we put out the final edit of our CX vid! Coming soon.

<3Gregory Bamford Ralich

While we may not be slurping down any high octane beverages to power ourselves (less Redbull) the food we consume does greatly affect our riding and our environmental impact.

The Geekhouse staff features 3 omnivores and 3 vegetarians.  We would like to give a big thank you to those who provide the fuel it takes for us to build your bikes!

Dr. Praeger and his Californian Style Veggie Burgers.

Stanley Mason– the inventor the Granola Bar.

Johnny Appleseed.

Deborah and her locally made Fig Ginger spread ( THANKS GAV!)

Trader Joe.

Our friends at the Whole Foods River St. pizza bar.

Earl Grey

Grasshopper and their indelible Holiday schedules.

The Geekhouse New Year’s Resolution was to “quit Dunkins” I have a feeling that I won’t last that long.   We did get a neat Keurig coffee and hot chocolate maker.  I knew I had to quit when I went in to our local Dunks (like a bear to honey) and on my way back to the shop I got door’d spilling my hot chocolate everywhere.  The guy wouldn’t even buy me a new one- putz! I feel like it was god telling me to cool it on throw-away spending and I am listening.

<3Gregory Bamford Ralich

We hope you and yours had a great Christmas, NYE, and most importantly that you have seen Avatar.  Seriously.  We have been using the Holiday dead time to play catch up and we made a lot of progress.  In our pre-planning for 2010 we knew that we had to light a fire under the butt of our wordpress so here’s what you can expect to see from us in the year of the Tiger!

Web Store: Coming soon!

We are way behind on “soft goods” -the few times we have had shirts printed they pretty much flew out of our hands faster than we could actually collect money in exchange for them.  The good news is that the ball is rolling for some new stuff and we currently have some extra relics from our smash CX season.  We have tees, hats, and socks which will be the first thing to appear in the store and if you can’t wait and need to order something now just shoot us an e-mail.

T-Shirts $20, CX Hats $20, Socks $10-$15


Other Newsworthy News!

I know what you’re thinking, “I follow Geekhouse on twitter, I’m addicted to their flickr, and I comment on every single one of Marty’s fb Status Updates; how can I get an even more personal and in depth look into the life of my favorite Lower Allston frame builders?”  Enter: wordpress. We hope to be sharing much more than our bare bones monthly news.  We want to share our progress on the NAHBS bikes for Richmond in February, new developments of our powder coat service Sugar Coat, and all of the exciting things that constantly go down here all the time.

We want you to chime in too!  What color should we powder coat frankendork for the 2010 tall bike season?  Which Boston-area framebuilder has the best facial hair?  We’ll be asking for your input and we really hope you want to be a part of the discussion.

We hope you’ll venture back to our humble blog  I’ll be here sitting in front of the computer if you need anything.  I assume Marty is somewhere playing with his new iPhone- he’s so excited it’s like a geek using their first iPhone- oh wait..

<3Gregory Bamford Ralich

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