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Finally grabbed some shots of Erik’s Rockcity. The raw finish and white components were so much fun to shoot in the 12+ inches of snow on the front yard! Click any of the pictures to see the whole Flickr photo set.


Donny is the best! Mr. Green dominated Granogue with a 1st place finish on Day #1 and a 2nd place finish on Day #2. Makin’ us proud! Congratulations Donny, you’re the best.

This was Donny’s first race on his new Velocity (@VelocityUSA) wheelset. Mr. Green said and I quote, “Ground Control to Major Tom– these wheels rock!” OK, he didn’t actually say that but he did just have us order him another set so he can train without risking his tubulars and ch-ch-changing his cantis every ride. Thanks to Velocity for helping a neon brother out!

Photos courtesy of @GroovyLab. More pix of Donny at Granogue on GroovyLab’s Flickr. Thanks again for the great shots!

Looking forward to Monday the 24th at the Middlesex. Support Greater Boston NEMBA, come get down, see you there!

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